What Are The Most Common Types of Commercial Insurance?

Business establishments contribute immensely to the economic growth of any given state. While many Oklahoma City, OK residents desire to initiate a successful business, they are also aware of inseparable risks. Business owners need to prevent their enterprises from possible risks such as vandalism and fire. Commercial insurance can provide entrepreneurs with a crucial risk protection tool. Hexis Insurance is happy to help.

Common Types of Commercial Insurance

When starting a new business venture, it’s prudent to understand the mandatory business requirements in your location. We recommends that all employers maintain worker-comp insurance in Oklahoma City, OK. This coverage safeguards workers against any financial implication of injuries sustained or ailments while working in an establishment.

We also suggest commercial auto insurance if you operate your enterprise with a fleet of vehicles to mitigate your business against property damage or bodily injury.

Other commercial insurance options include:

Business owner’s policy (BOP): It’s essential coverage, especially for small businesses. It joins both liability and property and legal protection if you are prosecuted for any business wrongdoing by either a client or an employee.

General liability: There is a possibility of a customer getting injured while in your business establishment. These are likely occurrences that sometimes can result in insurmountable medical expenses. Luckily, this coverage form is designed to save you from paying any imminent medical costs and related legal fees. It also protects you from copyright and libel infringement.

Business interruption insurance: Business disruptions or interruptions may kick in unexpectedly, interfering with your entire undertakings. Your business is safeguarded against such disruptions. It refunds the money you would have made or offers funds to temporarily function in an alternate establishment.

Property insurance: This coverage protects your business structure or assets like electronic gadgets, furniture, and inventory when an unexpected calamity hits your business.

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