Home Insurance Policy Mistakes To Avoid

Hexis Insurance is an independent agency. We are committed to helping Oklahoma City, OK residents find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We offer our clients multiple types of policies to ensure that they are covered regardless of what life brings their way. Searching for the right insurance can be complicated at times. Hexis Insurance is here to simplify the process for you.

Home Insurance Policy Mistakes To Avoid

Home insurance provides coverage to your Oklahoma City, OK residence. The policy covers both the interior and exterior of your home against possible damage. Natural disasters may occur in Oklahoma occasionally. Home insurance covers your property if it is damaged due to a natural disaster. The policy also covers any damage to your personal items inside the home. Liability coverage is another significant part of your policy. Liability coverage protects you if you accidentally damage someone’s property or if one of your friends gets injured on your property. While looking over your home insurance policy, avoid these common mistakes.

Failing To Take Inventory

Taking inventory is important because it allows you to verify all of your possessions inside the home, and it makes the process run smoothly if you are a victim of theft in the future.  You want to avoid any complications regarding a lost or stolen item.

Failing To Perform Proper Maintenance

You have to take care of your home. If your home starts to suffer damage because you aren’t taking proper care of your home, your insurance may not cover the necessary repairs. Common issues where you may be left unprotected include mold development or rodent/termite damage.

Failing To Plan For Renovations

If you plan to make renovations to your home within the next 5-10 years, make sure that you amend your policy so that you will continue to have full coverage.

Hexis Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Types of commercial insurance most businesses need

Owning a business, no matter what the size, comes with risks. What risks threaten depends on the type of business. Having an insurance agent that knows your business, and you personally help to make sure that you get the right coverage. Your business will suffer if you end up with a claim that isn’t covered. At Hexis Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK, we work with our customers to make sure their coverage matches their needs. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance is insurance to protect your business assets from the results of a judgment against you. As many as 30% of businesses will be sued in any given year, making having the right liability coverage vital. You can have a dissatisfied customer, a customer or vendor who is injured visiting your business, and even an employee who is not happy. All of these can kill your business if you are not correctly protected. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Every business has things that it needs to carry out what they do. If it’s a store, you have display cases, if you are a plumber, you have tools. All of these things need to be protected and, if damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, replaced. You can’t make any money if you don’t have what you need to get income. If you own a building, commercial property insurance will also cover that, but even renters benefit from this type of commercial insurance. 

Worker Compensation Insurance

In Oklahoma, all employees, full or part-time must be protected with workers’ compensation insurance. It offers them medical coverage for injuries that happen while they are working. It also pays for time lost from work, with additional benefits for permanent injury or death. 

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What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance

As a business owner in Oklahoma, it is imperative to have all your bases covered when it comes to insurance. Hexis Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK is here to help answer all of your insurance questions. Commercial insurance is one great product we provide to help business owners protect their companies and investments. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of bundled insurance policy that can provide protection for many different areas of your everyday business operations. A commercial insurance policy can be highly customized for your particular needs. In general, commercial insurance will provide coverage in the following areas.

  • Auto coverage- If your business uses vehicles to carry out everyday operations, you will need auto insurance to keep both your vehicles and your drivers protected. 
  • Property damage coverage- Companies that operate out of a brick and mortar establishment will need property damage coverage. This type of coverage will pay for repairs or replacement of property if there is damage due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary. 
  • Liability coverage- As a business owner you will have a special responsibility to customers, clients, and employees concerning their health and safety while they are on your property. If someone is injured on your property or becomes ill or injured because of your goods or services, you will be held liable for any expenses resulting from the incident. This type of liability can leave you financially vulnerable without adequate coverage. Liability coverage will pay these expenses. 

The best way to protect the time and financial investment you have put into your business is to secure proper insurance coverage. 

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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

Homeownership has long been an important part of the American Dream. Purchasing your home, however, is not all that is needed to provide the safe and secure home your family deserves. Home insurance is an important type of insurance coverage we can provide at Hexis Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK. Keep reading to learn more about our services. 

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Your home will most likely be one of the bigger investments you will make in your life. The best way to protect this investment is through proper home insurance. If you have a mortgage on your home, it is very likely that home insurance will be required by the mortgage company. This provides protection for both you and the mortgage company to make sure that everyone’s investment is protected. 

If your home is damaged or lost through fire, natural disaster or burglary, your home insurance policy will pay for your home to be repaired for replaced. Having this type of protection in place helps your family remain secure even if tragedy strikes. 

Repairing or replacing your home out of pocket can cause a great financial burden on your family. In addition to the financial strain this can cause for a family, this type of event could also cause a great deal of emotional strain and distress as well. Home insurance provides both financial stability and protection as well as peace of mind knowing you will always be able to provide a home for your family. 

Home Much Coverage Do I Need?

In order to understand exactly how much home insurance coverage you need, you will want to sit down with an insurance representative to discuss your particular situation. 

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