Condo Insurance in Oklahoma

As a condo owner, you may make repairs or pay a mortgage like most traditional homeowners. However, given that you share a building or space with other renters, it creates unique circumstances and risks. With the help of a trustworthy insurance agent like Hexis Insurance, we can help you secure a condo owner's policy that suits the needs of your unit.

Coverage to Expect in Your Condo Policy

You should expect coverage for different situations and items when you purchase a condo policy. Here's what you should expect.

  • Personal Property – With the personal property coverage, your possession will be safeguarded against loss, damage, or theft.
  • The Loss of Use – This is a coverage you should acquire if you're forced to live elsewhere temporarily because your Oklahoma condo is left uninhabitable. By acquiring this coverage, we will compensate you for part of living expenses, meals, and hotel bills exceeding what you would have to pay if you stay at home.
  • Personal Liability – Under this coverage, we will protect you if another party brings a lawsuit against you for property damage and bodily injuries. Personal liability coverage will also offer protection if you or your family member causes damage to another person's property.

Oklahoma Condo State Requirements

If you own a condominium in Oklahoma City, OK, you'll need to be covered under condo Insurance. If you're a member of the condo association, they'll work on your behalf to cater for decisions regarding repairs. The association will even sometimes purchase insurance on your behalf, covering the risk associated with any shared areas but not your unit.

If you've just moved into a new Oklahoma City, OK condo, contact us, and we will offer guidance on how your condo policy will help protect your condo interior, appliances, and valuables.