Motor Home Insurance in Oklahoma

Many people who own motorhomes use them for sightseeing or as a permanent residence. Statistics show that over 11% of American households led by 34 to 54 year-olds own a motorhome. Given that such homes are an expensive investment, it’s always important to take steps to safeguard them against any uncertainties. At Hexis Insurance, we will work with you to ensure that you receive the protection you deserve for your motor home.

Motorhome Insurance Coverage to Consider

Here are a few coverage options we offer for your motorhome.

  • Personal Effect Coverage – When you take our motorhome insurance policy, we will provide coverage for any loss or damage for the items you use in your RV.
  • Roadside Assistance – With our insurance cover, you are assured that your motorhome is covered 24/7 if it gets involved in an accident or breakdown.
  • Vacation Liability – Under the vacation liability coverage, we will cover your motorhome if you decide to use it as a temporary residence.
  • Uninsured Motorist – With this coverage, you will receive compensation for bodily injuries you suffer if you or any other passenger in your motorhome sustains injuries when the at-fault party doesn’t have adequate liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance coverage will cater for damages to your motorhome from incidents that aren’t collision-related. Some of the incidents covered include vandalism, theft, and hail.

Oklahoma Motorhome State Requirements

If you’re a motorhome owner in Oklahoma City, OK, your coverage should not be less than the minimum liability coverage required by the state. The amount you’ll pay for your motorhome insurance will vary greatly. The state requires insurance agents to determine your price based on your driving record, custom features, storage options, among others.

As a new Oklahoma City, OK motorhome owner, determining the level of insurance coverage you need can be a challenge. At Hexis Insurance, we are ready to help you understand the coverage that best suits your home. Contact us today to get started or for any inquiries.

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