Home Insurance in Oklahoma

If you are a homeowner, home insurance is not a luxury - it is a necessity. It protects your property, you as a homeowner, and your family members. Furthermore, many mortgage lenders require homeowners to carry home insurance. If you are currently shopping for home insurance, Hexis Insurance serving clients in Oklahoma City, OK prepared a list of things you should know about it:

What Is Covered by Standard Home Insurance?

A standard home insurance policy covers the actual structure of your home, personal property and liability, and other structures, such as a garage, for example. Typical home insurance policies offer coverage for damage caused by windstorms, hurricanes, fires, and lightning strikes.

What Is Not Covered by Home Insurance?

Like any other type of insurance, home insurance has its limitations, meaning that it does not cover everything. For example, usually, home insurance does not cover damage caused by earthquakes or floods. If you live in a flood or earthquake-prone area, you can purchase separate insurance to protect your property against these risks.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

The cost of home insurance depends on numerous factors, including the coverage you choose, the value of your personal belongings, and the features of your home. You may also face additional fees and increased coverage. You can always talk to an insurance agent who will tell you the exact cost of your insurance and offer you the best and most affordable option.

Suppose you are a homeowner from Oklahoma City, OK or any other surrounding area, and you are looking for home insurance to protect your property and yourself. In that case, Hexis Insurance is ready to help. Our insurance agency specializes in all types of insurance, including home insurance. If you have any questions or want to know more about the insurance options available, please do not hesitate to contact us.