Umbrella Insurance in Oklahoma

When you reside in Oklahoma, it is essential to evaluate your insurance needs now and then. There is a type of insurance coverage that is particularly important, which is umbrella insurance. As much as most people do not find it a necessity, there are several situations where you will find umbrella insurance both valuable and helpful. That is why Hexis Insurance of Oklahoma City, OK highlights why you need this type of policy.

Provides Liability Coverage Beyond Your Standard Policy

You probably have liability insurance for your home or car. In most situations, if there is an accident and you are found at fault, your coverage will help pay for medical expenses and the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property. However, what happens when the damage caused is much more significant than what your standard policy can cover? Umbrella insurance provides that extra protection you need after you have exhausted the limits of your standard policy. That means you will not have to go back into your pocket to cover the additional expenses.

Protects Your Assets and Future Earnings

You have worked hard to buy assets and save up for the future. Why not protect them? Take a situation where you hit a cyclist and are found liable. Suppose you are asked to pay them a certain amount, but your standard policy covers only half. In that case, you may have to sell your assets to cover the difference or tap into your savings. However, if you have bought an umbrella insurance policy, you will not have to sell assets or tap into your savings. The policy will cover the difference on top, ensuring your assets are well-protected.

If you are looking to purchase an umbrella insurance policy in Oklahoma, you should speak to our team at Hexis Insurance. We understand that protecting your assets is crucial to you, and we are ready to help you do that. Our agents in Oklahoma City, OK will evaluate your current policies and assets and help you get the additional coverage you need.

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